Claras Ghost

Clara’s Ghost

Bridey Elliot directs and The Elliot family star in this haunted dramedy- A middle-aged homemaker contending for attention within her ego-obsessed show-biz family struggles to […]



A+Z is a short film about two best friends journeying back to their old school – and the past – to dig up a time […]


Little Wing

The aim of our campaign is to promote Little Wing – an amazing film about women by women, written and directed by Academy Award® nominee […]



Zoe was put in foster care after the death of her brother. Trauma made it difficult to place her in a permanent home until Rachel […]


The Sounding

Raised on a remote island by her grandfather Lionel, Liv has never spoken. When Lionel discovers he’s dying, he calls his former protege, Michael, to […]


Not Guilty

NOT GUILTY is a fiction short film which takes a look at the double standards surrounding sexual exploitation on the internet, Mia takes you with […]