Keep The Change

KEEP THE CHANGE is a love story written for and starring adults on the autism spectrum. When David, an upper-class charmer is forced to attend […]


Blue Girls Burn Fast

Sometimes our emotions are our best friends. Written, produced, shot, directed, edited: By Amandla Stenberg Assistant Director: Bailey Wait Boom Operator: November Rivera Starring: Leeza […]


Nothing Special

Billy becomes the reluctant subject of worship when his delusional mother decides he is Jesus reincarnate. Directed by Helena Brooks


The Men’s Room

When Thomas ventures into a park for a sexual encounter with a stranger, he uncovers a striking complexity composed of desire, fear and betrayal. Cast: […]


Red Rover

An end-of-days drama about two teens who defy their religious families in order to discover their own final meaning, written and directed by Brooke Goldfinch. […]



When Stella realizes she’s the only girl in her class who doesn’t have her period, she sets out to fast-track her way to womanhood through […]


Dream Girl

Humans use technology to improve their lives, to forge connections, to create time that doesn’t exist, to replace real interactions. When we devise a second […]


Miss Miao

When a young woman trades away her nightmares for a gift from a stranger, her dreams and reality begin to merge. Written and Directed by […]